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JCOS Introduction

JCOS Immigration & Education mainly focuses on Canadian immigration services; especially on LMIA, Canada Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, Family Sponsorship, and Business and Investor Programs. Also our immigration team members, all graduated from TOP Canadian Universities, such as University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University,etc., and they hold professional certificates including CICC, Temporary Foreign Worker Recruiter and CHRP. Through many years of studying, living and working in North America, they have deep understanding of the Canadian business and living environment, policies, education, and all other relevant aspects of North America.

With more than ten years of industrial experience, the company runs the immigration and overseas education business through its subsidiary operating companies. One of the subsidiaries Bang Bang Tang Consulting is experienced in Canadian international student services. Its energetic and friendly education consultants all graduated from local schools. They will help students apply for schools, transfer credits, and solve all kinds of concerns they may have.

Hiring a foreign worker

What is LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)?
A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a legal document that Canadian employers might need to obtain before hiring a foreign worker or get pre-approval to hire a large group of foreign workers for a designated occupation. A positive LMIA determined by Service Canada validates that there is no Canadian worker available to the job and that there is a need to hire foreign worker to fill the job vacancy.

Hiring Global Talent
Canada is always in need of highly skilled workers and specialized professionals to fill the labour shortage and contribute to our economy. Hiring the “right fit” allows multicultural Canada to open its door to all qualified candidates regardless of their nationalities, races and colours. By doing so, our organizations can benefit from these potential candidates such as international graduates and skilled immigrants in a culturally diverse workforce, and strengthen our country in the rapidly changing global economy.

Overcoming the Barriers of Hiring Foreign Skilled Worker
Many local small to medium-sized companies are usually reluctant to hire internationally educated professionals/international graduates out of concerns about the complex hiring processes, which decreases the possibilities of hiring the right fit and limits the chance of skilled immigrants to practice their talents. However, with the help of professionals, the barriers in the hiring process could be easily addressed and overcome, and JCOS Consulting is here to help to retain the “right fit” of your organization.

Recruitment Processes that We could Help
Advertise Job Vacancies:Employers conduct recruitment activities for a minimum period of one month to the general public, such as:

  • National Newspaper Ads
  • Job Posting Websites (WorkBC, Indeed, Linkedin, Monsters, etc.,)
  • Job Fair
  • Job Bank
  • Use of professional recruitment agencies

Report on Result of Recruitment Activities
– Provide proof of advertising and invoice
– Job advertisements indicating an increase in wage offered
– Report the numbers of candidates have been selected
– Record the process of interviews and prepare to provide evidence
– Conclude the result of recruitment activities and the reason to hire or retain a foreign worker

Language Restriction
– Indicate a foreign language(s) other than English and French is essential for the job.

Meet the provincial/territories median hourly wage of the position you are offering

Want to hire or retain an international employee but work permit stands in the way? JCOS Consulting can help. Initial consultation is free.

Sponsoring your family to Canada

  • Common-law and spouse sponsorship
  • Parents and great parents sponsorship
  • Dependent children sponsorship

International Education Service

School Consulting

  • Offering recommendation of schools and programs tailored to each student’s needs
  • Providing a comprehensive perspective to clients
  • Giving students and parents detailed information on a wide range of programs offered by partner institutions

Visa Application

  • Assisting clients with all the necessary procedures
  • Ensure a smooth process for students to receive their visas and arrange their study in Canada

Arrival Services

  • Providing value-added services to students, such as airport pickup, homestay arrangement, and more
  • Professional homestay coordinator solely focus on selecting and arranging homestay provider
  • They search for families who are willing to provide a welcoming and caring environment, and who truly enjoy hosting students from different countries

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